Workstation WORK

WORKSPACE was designed as part of your corporate culture. Not only does the modular WORKSPACE furniture system perfectly adapt to your business premises, it can also be lacquered in your corporate colour scheme. Its flexibility as well as its remarkably good looks turn the modular system into your ideal business partner.

The desk WORK VARIABEL – Thanks to a stepless manual adjustment the height of the desk can vary between 68 and 78 cm.

The electric variant of the desk offers a simple and elegant way of adjusting your table: Push a button to change from sitting down positions to standing up positions, from 68 to 118 cm high – the true contemporary secret of working individually.

  • Dimensions: diverse
  • Designer: in-house design
  • Relaunch in: 2017
  • Launched in: 2012


  • Semi-matt finished in standard RAL colour 
  • Height of worktop: 74 cm
  • Worktop in laminate (white, black or grey)
  • Depth of worktop: 80 cm
  • Widths of worktop available: 160,180 or 200 cm
  • Incl. cable trough


  • Individual choice of RAL colour
  • Two-coloured finish
  • Worktop surface in Forbo linoleum (black, grey or light grey)
  • Worktop: 95 cm depth or 220 cm width
  • Cable routing through side panels
  • Mechanic height adjustment: 68-78 cm 
  • Electric height-adjustment: 68-118 cm
  • Add-ons: electrification, modesty panel, PC-holder, top with backside for storage or visual protection
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    • 3D Models
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