Showcases and cabinets
SB 424

Plain to see: The cabinets SB 422 and 424 are an excellent choice in terms of flexibility, be it in your office, surgery or at home. The intelligent variations of the system offer the best solutions for keeping things in order and on display the same time: with integrated glass doors, with metal doors if used as filing cabinets or with a mix of both, glass doors at the top and metal doors below. Whichever variety you chose, its soft, rounded corners always represent the clarity of our design.

  • Dimensions: H 180 x W 102 x D 38 cm
  • Designer: in-house design
  • Launched in: 1996

SB 424 is available in 3 versions: SB424-2 with two glass doors (3 glass shelves), model SB424-4 with 2 glass doors on top and 2 metal doors below (2 glass shelves), SB424-3 with 2 metal doors (3 shelves)


  • Painted in accordance with RAL, glossy finish


  • Semi-matt finish
  • Frosted glass doors
  • Interior lighting (LED 3 Watt)
  • Door handel(s) with lock
  • Additional glass shelf
  • Downloads
    • Data Sheet
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  • Materials & Colours
    • 3D Models
    • SB424-2.dwg
    • SB424-4.dwg
    • SB424-2.igs
    • SB424-4.igs